Driving Lessons in Mansfield England

So what’s it like to learn to drive in different parts of the world?
Well over in the UK driving lessons look a little different to what we do here in Australia.
For a start they don’t have different tests like we do, everything is governed under one body the DVSA
who are a government department.

We have been speaking with Rob Nichols Driver Training driving lessons in Mansfield Nottinghamshire, and they had this to say.

Most people learn in a manual, I guess around 10% are autos but that is increasing due to hybrid and electric cars.
Typically a learner is going to need around 45 hours of tuition and before they go to the driving test,
they have got to pass a theory test.

So there you have it.
It’s a bit different to what happens here and they take a lot more lessons to get their permit.

Gold Coast Driving School

The Best Gold Coast Driving School

So when it comes to brushing up your skills what affordable Gold Coast Driving School who are you going to choose? Let’s face it, it’s pretty damn hard to tell the difference between the best Gold Coast driving school and a bunch of hoons you might just want to prefer avoiding. Right from the outset, why do you wanna learn to drive in a 10yr old Toyota Corolla? And it has probably done enough miles to go to the moon and back?
Even from the perspective of a learner driver who knows nothing about driving schools, surely you know that anyone driving around in a battered old vehicle like that isn’t going to be of a decent standard.

gold coast driving schoolIt’s not that the car is the star here, yes it’s going to be the skill of the Gold Coast driving instructor and your responsibility to accept the important role you are going to play in learning to drive. But what does a 10-year-old battered car tell you about the person or the school? That their business is perhaps as valuable as last weeks news? At least if you chose a driving school on the Gold Coast with a decent car, you can be at least assured the instructor is able to pay for something decent which suggests they are able to get the customers in and keep them.


Gold Coast Driving School – Questions To Ask

So ok, let’s make this article a little more in your favour, what sort of questions do you need to be asking?

1. Ask if they do post licence lessons, if they don’t, how serious are they?
2. Ask if they have the Cert 4
3. Ask when they passed their test to become a Gold Coast driving school
4. And ask what courses they have done since to improve and maintain their standards