Driving Lessons in Mansfield England

So what’s it like to learn to drive in different parts of the world?
Well over in the UK driving lessons look a little different to what we do here in Australia.
For a start they don’t have different tests like we do, everything is governed under one body the DVSA
who are a government department.

We have been speaking with Rob Nichols Driver Training driving lessons in Mansfield Nottinghamshire, and they had this to say.

Most people learn in a manual, I guess around 10% are autos but that is increasing due to hybrid and electric cars.
Typically a learner is going to need around 45 hours of tuition and before they go to the driving test,
they have got to pass a theory test.

So there you have it.
It’s a bit different to what happens here and they take a lot more lessons to get their permit.